Dear Republican Politicians & Cronies

In the past few weeks, you have been outspoken against abortion, birth control, told women to keep their knees together AND told them to expect to get raped. What you are really saying is that men should determine when and with whom women should make babies. Your paragraphs add up. So, quit burying your lead.

Also, because our minds clearly work at very different levels, in different circles, in opposite realities, I need your help.

I address this specifically to Rick Santorum, from whose campaign most of these gems are emerging.

If a lesbian in a stable, long-term relationship is raped and keeps that “gift from God,” should that child be brought up in that homosexual household? Or is it mandatory that the woman in question become heterosexual to raise the gift?

Also, if the child grows up to be gay, is the child actually a gift from Satan?

What if the child grows up to be a giant, walking dildo?

Please consult with your mother on the last one, and get back to me on procedure.

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