7 Things: Random Stuff #2

My Mug




This is my mug. The one from which I drink coffee. It bears the design of one of three mugs purchased from a Disney outlet way back when for like $5, but it’s not that mug.

I dropped the original Donald mug a few years ago on a tile floor and, as one might expect, it shattered into many green pieces. At which point, I sobbed as if I’d just dropped a puppy that shattered into bits.

Because I’m emotionally unstable.

After many months of monitoring, Shawna finally found a mug like it on Ebay and paid $19.99, plus $10 for shipping. So, the $5 mug turned into a $30 mug. Then, a few more months later, she found another mug like it on Ebay and paid $19.99, plus $10 shipping again.

To preempt the breakdown if I dropped one again.

So, the $5 mug turned into a $60 mug with a back-up.

Shawna claims that I have such affinity with this mug, because it so accurately portrays the range of my emotions while writing. It’s pretty close. If there were one more image of Donald sobbing hysterically, it would be spot-on.

Anyway, the moral here is don’t become attached to something breakable, because it can turn something cheap expensive.

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