7 Things: Random Stuff #7


I was going to do meaningful posts this week, beginning with my follow-up to the “Why We Slash” essay and femslashy posts. But, well, I just don’t feel like it.

So, instead, here’s something random –


We call him Sloth, named, of course, for Sloth from Goonies.

He was purchased because he was so imperfect. We thought that we were going to send him to a friend, but couldn’t let him go.

Sometimes, I like to buy the messed-up toys, because I figure no else will.

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  1. Did you know Sloth’s real name is Lotney Fratelli? That’s one of the names I use for my fictional tester people in some software I use at work. The other, naturally, is Keyser Soze.

    Was it laziness also that kept you from resizing and watermarking the photos in today’s posts? If so, I applaud your laziness because obtrusive watermarks are THE DEVIL. Just sayin. 🙂

    1. I didn’t actually know that. I mean, I would have guessed Fratelli 😉

      While I agree that watermarks aren’t pleasant, I also feel like you can’t really just go putting stuff out there. When I’ve seen some of the photos that have been taken and made into ads, printed in magazines, etc., I do worry about it. And being pretty familiar with U.S. copyright law, I know how that works out for the little guy. So, I don’t know exactly how to walk the line on that one.

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