7 Things: Random Stuff #4

Trains & Art Therapy


My dad made me love trains. Because he loved trains. He used to take one from Ohio to Virginia to visit my grandma’s family when he was young. He used to take us on train rides on vacations. I had a train set as a kid, and he used to put one out at Christmas.

This is my train souvenir from the train show last winter. It doesn’t work. I’d like a whole wall of them someday. None of them have to work.

I painted the picture behind it. I named it The Absence of Perfection, because it’s both lopsided and sad. I learned that paper towel-blotting makes for good shadowing. That’s the extent of my artistic knowledge.

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  1. My mom and I have a soft spot for Santa Fe trains since my grandpa worked for that railroad for years.

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