7 Things: Random Stuff #5



These things are called Stickeez. We bought them as extra little Christmas gifts, but realized that we had too many gifts and things weren’t dividing equally. Then, instead of taking them back, we decided to open them and play with them.

What’s supposed to happen is you are supposed to suction them to a surfacem and they are supposed to stick pretty well and then randomly pop up and make you jump and squeal and such. Unfortunately, not only are they kinda ugly, they also don’t work. At first, they stuck so tightly that we had to pry them from the desk with a fingernail. Then, they became so loose that when we attempted to make them stick, they came unstuck after about three seconds. Instead of popping up as advertised, though, they simply rose up to sit gingerly on the edges of their suction cups.

Okay, so they actually look sort of cute in the picture. Now I feel bad for hatin’ on ’em.

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