7 Things: Random Stuff #6

This Pumpkin


This pumpkin is from Halloween. It’s not the only Halloween decoration still up. There are a few intermingled with the Christmas decorations that are still up. It’s not leaking yet, and it hasn’t turned gross, though it is, admittedly, looking a little pocky under the harsh light of the, rarely utilized, camera flash. (Yes, I’m feeling so lazy, I couldn’t even be bothered with proper lighting.) It still has one of the sweetest attached pumpkin vines I’ve ever seen on a store-bought pumpkin, though. Kudos for holding on, little dried vine.

If your mind is of the inquiring sort, you might be wondering if the skull bandana is also a Halloween decoration. The answer is no. It’s totally badass at any time of year, and keeps the TV base from scuffing the sweet red dresser currently serving as our TV stand. Which stands next to the microwave cart currently serving as our DVR/DVD player/modem stand.

When you move a lot, you learn how to improvise.

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