7 Things: My Favorite Video Games – #2

Mario Kart

*I’m not really what one might call a gamer, but, as far as gaming goes, I keep it old-school. I prefer my games without graphic violence and my controllers simple. That means Super Nintendo and Wii all the way.*

Okay, so it’s just a glorified car racing game, but the glory is due. All the popular little Nintendo characters look so darn cute. The boards are cool, especially the ghost houses and Bowser castles, in which I like to go really fast and careen into things. Then, there’s Rainbow Road, which makes me feel not only awesome when I can get around it without falling off the edge a single time, but also super gay.

I always go Koopa, unless someone steals K out from under me. I’m not naming names, but… well… everyone actually steals K, because he’s the best and they know it. When this happens, I have to go Toad. (And the only time that you really want to go Toad is on boards on Super Mario Bros 2 where you have to dig in the sand, because Toad is a quick-diggin’ motha.)

My only tricks:

Saving all mushrooms for shortcuts so that I power through the dirt like a pro.

And  jumping my way through the mud puddles. It keeps you from sliding.

Also, it’s late, I’m tired and you wouldn’t believe the word that I just accidentally wrote instead of ‘puddles’. But I’m also a lady *smirk*, so you’ll have to use your imaginations.

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  1. I never owned an SNES so Mario Kart 64 was my first MK experience–definitely still one of my favorites, though! We’re into Mario Kart Wii these days, of course, and my 7yo is starting to get pretty good. She’s even beaten me a couple times, which cannot be allowed to continue. 😉

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