7 Things: My Favorite Video Games – #1


*I’m not really what one might call a gamer, but, as far as gaming goes, I keep it old-school. I prefer my games without graphic violence and my controllers simple. That means Super Nintendo and Wii all the way.*

Whenever I express my enjoyment of Zelda, I get told this: “You love to quest.”

That does about sum things up, but the awesome is in the details.

I don’t know if it’s the exploring or the back and forth world-hopping or the problem-solving or the princess-saving, but I can spend some time in fucking Hyrule. If it were a real place, I would no longer have to think about where I want to live. Light or Dark World, I’m pretty open.

I would also wield a kick-ass sword, be able to run really fast, get a bird to carry me to and fro, fight to near death and restore myself back to health with a potion, have magical powers, find money under rocks and in bushes, and actually be able to throw a boomerang and have it come back to me. In fact, it would even follow me into the next room!

Oh, and I would also get to walk into any family’s home, break their jars and throw their chickens.

As far as actual game play, I dig the complexity of the castles in the Dark World on SNES.

As far as the Wii version, I haven’t played it enough yet to know what I dig.

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