7 Things: Zoos – #7

Fort Worth

I went to the Fort Worth Zoo for the first time this week. It’s quite lovely. There are several unique things to see, like a Texas area in the back complete with a cool Texas Town that may be lame for locals, but was pretty cool for gypsies.

The visit started out as good as it could get when a nice Mom-type person with two childrens said she had a guest pass and could get one of us in for free. So, we took the lovely lady up on it and saved $12.


Then, once we were inside, it was nice scenery and highly active animals. Like more active than I have ever seen at any zoo ever.

Apparently, the orangutans got some bad meat or something, because one decided to projectile vomit in vibrant pink as we were watching him. Yeah, it was pretty nasty. But at least I can now say I’ve seen a monkey throw up. Then, another orangutan was walking around with a sheet pulled over him, as if he didn’t want anyone to look at him. Probably because he felt crappy. He did, however, feel healthy enough to climb to the top of the giant wood monkey structure just to pee on another orangutan who was mediating at the top. The best part was that the other orangutan knew that it was coming and covered his head with a burlap sack he had up there just in time to avoid the urine stream.

We had already dubbed him sage monkey, since he looked old and was in meditation. Clearly, it was a fitting nickname.

Next, there was a little monkey being all adorable, which pulled us to a stop. For which I am very grateful. Because I actually got to witness several monkey kisses. By a little monkey to a big monkey. And I melted.

Now, some photographic proof of my visit.

If I were cat, I would purr.

Instigator Monkey, aka The Peeing Monkey

Sage Monkey

Sloth Bear

Baby kisses Mama.
Then picks Mama's nose.

Aslan showed up.


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