7 Things: Subtext Couples – #7

Jordan & Lu (Crossing Jordan)

Through every season of Crossing Jordan, Jordan was a prime candidate for girl-girl flirtation. And flirt with it they did in the second season when they brought Mariel Hemingway on as a guest star, playing a lesbian who had a mutual attraction to Jordan. People seemed to get excited about that minor blip on the lesbian radar. There are still fics written about it to this day.

Which is why I’ve never understood why the Jordan & Lu pairing seemed to make no splash at all. To me, the relationship had such untold potential.

In only a handful of episodes, Jordan and Lu developed some serious subtextual feelings for each other.

How It Started

When Jordan and Lu first meet, at least on-screen, it’s all about Woody. He is Jordan’s ex. Lu is his department-ordered shrink. They come together first in an effort to help Woody out of a tough spot, but the connection is definitely there.

When Jordan realizes that she’s sharing too much information with Lu and stops talking, it takes Lu roughly five seconds to break through Jordan’s wall and get to the heart of the matter.

Due to contrasting work styles and personalities, they do quite a bit of early arguing. Lu is constantly taking Jordan out into the hall for a good talking to, and, if the camera didn’t travel with them, I would swear it was a euphemism. They have their share of problems, make up frequently, and finally end up sharing one of the most intimate moments that any two people can.

Well, two of the most intimate moments actually.

Here are my top seven Jordan & Lu subtext moments (MAJOR SPOILERS):

7 – The Telepathic Conversation (Episode 5.8 “A Man in Blue”)

After the on-screen meeting, in which Lu talks her way behind Jordan’s walls, Jordan goes to Lu to take back what she had told her. Upon which, Lu reads Jordan’s mind, realizing the truth instantly, and, with silent agreement, they start working together. As if they were made to be a team.

6 – Date Night (Episode 5.16 “Someone to Watch Over Me”)

After one of their standard hallway bouts, in which Lu tells Jordan that it’s hard to look at the young girl whom they are trying to protect and not see Jordan in her, Jordan shows up that night at the safe house. And, once Jordan is there, Lu invites her to stay for a while. Then, she starts asking Jordan about her dating life.

Why so interested, Lu?

5 – The Mistake (Episode 5.20 “Mace vs. Scalpel”)

A colleague of Jordan’s is suspected of a crime. Lu does the cop-side of her job and goes after the guy. She and Jordan fight it out all episode long. Lu can’t find the evidence to prove the colleague’s guilt. She goes to Jordan to tell her that she was doing her job and hopes there are no hard feelings.

And, as if Lu apologizing for doing her job and hoping it doesn’t hurt her relationship with Jordan isn’t enough subtext for the episode, when Jordan realizes that Lu is, in fact, right about her colleague, she turns the guy over to Lu. And Lu doesn’t gloat. She just gives Jordan a sad “sorry, Baby” smile.

4 – Human Shield (Episode 6.3 “33 Bullets”)

Jordan and crew’s testimony on a cop-involved shooting leads to riots throughout the city. As they are leaving the courthouse, Jordan and Lu are sticking close together. Then, Jordan gets knocked down in the crowd, and Lu is there, like a freakin’ knight, yelling down the rioters and covering Jordan with her own body.

3 – The Kiss (Episode 5.19 “Mysterious Ways”)

I like to think that this scene came about, not as gimmick, but because the show’s writers couldn’t deny the chemistry between these two leading ladies. When Jordan finds out that Woody and Lu are involved, Lu gets mad at Woody for not telling Jordan sooner, and so Jordan, in typical Jordan fashion, confronts Lu about the situation. And when Lu presses the subject, Jordan kisses Woody. And then kisses Lu.

“No problems. No issues,” she assures Lu. “All friends.”

And it’s worth noting that Jordan’s kiss with Lu last about five times as long as the kiss she gave Woody.

2 – Alibi (Episode 6.2 “Shattered”)

Jordan and Lu are working together shortly after Jordan was accused of murder and Lu was the lead detective on the case. There’s some friction, of course, and Lu is trying hard to make amends.

When Jordan “comes up with” some evidence that helps make their case, Lu asks how Jordan got it. Then, when Jordan doesn’t respond, says, “You’re not going to tell me are you?” Jordan warns her, “Ask me one more time and I will.” So, Lu doesn’t ask. Then, when the suspect in the case comes barging into Jordan’s office and accuses Jordan of breaking into his house, Lu lies, declaring that Jordan couldn’t have broken in because she was with her all day.

1 – Lu’s Death (Episode 6.3 “33 Bullets”)

The “33 Bullets” episode of Crossing Jordan was one of the finest 42-ish minutes in television history. It was truly that brilliant.

Toward episode’s end, Lu gets shot – after running a fool’s errand, somewhat at Jordan’s bidding – and Jordan races to the scene. As Woody drives them to the hospital, Jordan is alone in the back of the ambulance with Lu. She tries to assure Lu that she’s going to be okay, even though she knows that Lu is dying. Jordan keeps talking to her and trying to stay upbeat, but when Lu apologizes to her for their contentious relationship and says that she feels calm, Jordan demands that she fight and not feel calm. Then, begins a minute of some of the most gut-wrenching acting I’ve ever seen, and a great femslash couple goes down in history.

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