7 Things: Mormonism is A-Okay

(October 17)

Until this week, Mormonism was a cult. This was according to evangelist and direct descendant of God, Billy Graham.

After a meeting between Billy Graham and Mitt Romney*, as of this week, Mormonism is no longer a cult.

Score one for the Mormons.

Now, seven thoughts on the sudden acceptance of Mormonism –

7 – Good in general. The hypocrisy of one religious sect calling another religious sect a cult should be its own deadly sin.

6 – Good in general. Desegregation rules. Just so long as Mormons keep to their own neighborhoods and don’t try to date Methodist daughters.

5 – Hatred of some is stronger than hatred of others. Clearly.

4 – How long before Victoria’s Secret starts making sexy temple garments?

3 – How long before a clever tour company starts leading pilgrimages into Jackson County, Missouri?

2 – Good for Mormons. They should celebrate with a glass of wi… a piping cup of Earl Gr… a good mug of coff… They should celebrate.

1 – Good for Mormons. When they put their names on the waiting list to shuttle into space, they no longer have to pretend it isn’t to visit family.

*No word on whether God was in attendance bodily or through omnipotence only.

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