7 Things: Songs That Make Me Smile

For months, I have had all of these serious lists half-done. Stuff about social movements and the economy and gun violence and the like. I work on them off and on, I think I’m going to jump into them, but then I get depressed and choose to spare myself.

Reality in this country has been trying enough of late. Stop to think about it long enough, and it’s just really fucking sad. So, then I don’t feel like writing it anymore, and I don’t end up writing anything. I do want to get on with one of those lists, though. It’s stuff worth saying, whether anyone wants to read it or not.

I just don’t want to say it at this moment.

Plus, this goes with last week’s music theme.

So, catching up for last week, here are seven songs that always make me smile that I hope make you smile too.

7 – Love is My Religion – Ziggy Marley

Profound message, simply put. And I dig the music.

Stick around until 3:20 and you’ll get to see a hottie dance by the fire.

6 – Holiday – Madonna

Not my favorite Madonna song, but as far as irresistible urges to get up, dance, and forget the world’s assholes exist go, this song is hard to beat.

I would hang upside down off a skyscraper naked for an hour to see Epcot’s IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth set to it.*

5 – Got My Mojo Working – Etta James

The newest edition to my list, this song’s catchy-as-hell music and fun lyrics stick in my head for days every time I hear it. But, unlike most songs with this power, I never get upset about it. I just listen to it again.

Plus, it’s Etta.

4 – Four Leaf Clover – Abra Moore

I don’t know why this song is so smile-inducing for me. Something about the breezy, bouncy music and happy-go-lucky singing style, I think. Who knows? It doesn’t really matter. For reasons unknown, it makes me happy.

3 – Say Hey (I Love You) – Michael Franti & Spearhead

The music, the MUSIC! And the lyrics are just perfect. It’s hard to find fault in a song with dozens of I love yous.

Plus, the bridge is practically a call to the dance floor.

2 – Se Fue – Laura Pausini

Laura originally recorded this song as a ballad. Then, a few years later, she realized her mistake and rerecorded one of the most lyrically depressing break-up songs maybe ever with one of the most kickass beats of all-time.

And, suddenly, it’s all like –

He’s gone. Everything is bleak and miserable. My life is over. But at least I still know how to boogie.

2:15 is where the automatic butt-dancing commences every time.

1 – I’m Beautiful – Bette Midler

This isn’t a song. It’s an anthem, Baby!

And it’s just really damn fun.

*Lie meant to illustrate strong feelings on the issue.

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