7 Things: Debate Thoughts

(October 16)

Shortie Intro: I watched the debate. Here are some thoughts.

7 – For Mitt Romney to make a good impression on half of the country’s citizens, does that mean half the country’s citizens have to be worse than Mitt Romney?

6 – IF women are going to be in the workforce, Mitt Romney’s wife certainly won’t be one of them, so why the fuck should he care?

5 – When a moderator backs up a candidate with an absolute fact, because she happened to be present at the event in question, Internet conservatives will scream partisanship. Repubs must see this as equivalent to peeking at a poker player’s hand and calling the bluff to the table.

4 – Why didn’t anyone ask Romney if his binders full of women held resumes or headshots?

3 – How anyone can be undecided in this election befuddles me. At no other point in many of our lifetimes have the lines been so clearly drawn. ‘For the people’ or ‘for some people’? It really is that simple.

2 – If you truly think $200,000 in tax-free interest, capital gains and dividends benefits anyone in the middle class, you are beyond out-of-touch. You’re certifiable.

1 – As I watch Americans argue over which candidate has the best economic plan, I wonder what it would be like to be in a position in society in which all you need care about is who can put the most money in your pocket.

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