7 Things: Actresses That I Like – #4 Embeth Davidtz

As far as actors go, for some reason, Embeth Davidtz seems to be a highly polarizing figure for people. I’ve seen people say she’s remarkable. I’ve seen people say they can’t stand her. I’ve seen people say that she brings tackiness to everything. At which point I chuckle internally and think, ‘Yes, she really brings the whore to Bicentennial Man and as Miss Honey in Matilda.’

Speaking of Bicentennial Man, I can’t tell you how freaky-deaky excited I was when that movie came out. Because I love, not one, but two of the actresses in it, and I get kind of ridiculous when actresses that I like a lot work together. Like, for instance, when Aubrey Dollar was on Cupid with Sarah Paulson, and I was all like, “Sweet. Redhead and Sarah totally hangin’ out.”

Anyhows, though the critiques of Embeth’s body of work may seem like a mixed review by the oh-so-knowledgable public, I’m not sure that it is. Good or bad, clearly she makes an impression, and what else is an actor supposed to do?

For me, Embeth has a very strong on-screen presence that is equally confident in any role that she takes. My favorite role of hers remains the second role in which I saw her, which was as Miss Honey in Matilda. She brought a lot of quiet depth to that kid flick, while still remaining funny.

I must admit that I found her oddly enjoyable as badass in Thir13en Ghosts, though. Up until she kissed the old guy and got flattened. Uh… belated spoiler alert.

I also really dug her performance in Fallen, a movie that I personally find brilliant. And not just because John Goodman is in it. Though it does help.

Shawna would also like me to insert her opinion on Embeth, which is summed up as thus –

Embeth would be incredibly hot if she had some meat on her bones.

But she is a good actress.

She would be a better actress, however, with some meat on her bones.

And she would be super hot.

Damn, I wish Embeth would eat pie.

Slight creative license may have been taken with Shawna’s opinion.

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