7 Things: Haikus of Excuse

Well, I was gonna do what I said in yester-eve’s intro. Quickly catch up with my intended subject matter. Then, I realized that wasn’t going to happen. Because Sunday night is TV fantasy night and sometimes I can work on anything while watching and sometimes I can work only on truly mindless things, which for me, sadly, are not these posts. Honestly, I think far too long and hard about blog posts. Honestly, I think far too long and hard about everything.

***** SPOILER BLOCK *****

And since last night’s TV fantasy night started with Regina and Emma sitting next to each other and then going out into the hall in a scene that felt like it was pulled straight from Jordan and Lu on Crossing Jordan and went a little something like this –

“Can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Yes, but only if we stand much closer than archenemies would ever actually stand.”

“We have to stand close to make it easy for the camera crew.”

“You say camera crew. I say you’re hot for me.” –

– continued with Alicia and Kalinda’s somewhat teary-eyed reunion –

– and ended with the Walking Dead season finale, during which I kept my hands roughly mid-face in case of an imminent need to cover my peepers –

I spent most of the night staring over the top of my computer screen instead of actually working while watching.

***** END SPOILER *****

So, since I didn’t accomplish my tasks, which will now become this week’s 7 Things, I decided to make up seven excuses for my slackery in the form of haiku.

7 – The Invitation

Hollywood texted

They wanted me urgently

Because I’m Awesome


6 – The Trip

Coffee tastes funny

What did you put into this?

The rug is dancing


5 – The Trip II

My heroic feat

Rescued plummeting baby

Fell off balcony


4 – Klepto Gnome

Garden gnome came in

Tried to steal my pajamas

Sucked him in vacuum


3 – Secret Badass

Danger comes to town

Clandestine ninjas called in

I am first on scene


2 – Technological Warfare

Computer rebels

Sick of acting on my whims

Slams on my fingers


1 – Terrible Twos

Just didn’t wanna

Too busy watching zombies

You know how it is

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