7 Things: And Seven Movies Even a Hottie Couldn’t Save – #6

Nacho Libre

I like a few Jack Black-led movies. This movie, however, looked like it was going to be particularly grueling just from the previews alone. In short, I knew to avoid it.

And yet…

There was Ana de la Reguera in the previews, along with the terribleness, and she made such lovely scenery, even in a nun’s habit, that I gave in and gave it a watch.

Well, the movie was every bit as bad as it looked in preview. Bad enough to be a worst movie.  Bad accents, bad writing, bad everything. Just flat-out bad.

Ana de la Reguera is still worth pursuing though. Through any bad movie that may come by.

In crafting this post, I realized that it has been nearly a decade since I first went loco for her. It happened in Gitanas way back in 2004. Wow. That’s insanity.

Since then, she’s become fairly known to American audiences. Perhaps, if you don’t recognize the name, you know her from this –



Or from her CoverGirl face.

For the record, the “mother” on Gitanas was also hot, especially when her hair was down and all wavy. And, for the record, she wasn’t the real mother on the show. She had taken three girls, including Ana de la Reguera’s character, in when they were young. So, if naughty femslashy thoughts went through my mind as I watched “mother” and “daughter” interact – if I, for instance, wanted them to stop and make out mid-conversation – there was nothing wrong with that.

Don’t make it ugly.

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