7 Things: And Seven Movies Even a Hottie Couldn’t Save – #7


I don’t watch Castle, but I’ve seen a couple of episodes, and whenever I used to flip past it, I couldn’t say that Stana Katic didn’t catch the eye. So, when I spotted her name in the description of a movie called Stiletto on one of our movie channels one day, I said to myself, “Self, that sounds like a totally ridiculous crapfest that only a hottie could save.”

Well, I was wrong. Unfortunately, only regarding the last six words of my internal declaration.

The movie started out terrible and then it got worse. At last, Stana Katic came on screen and she was way hot.

She simply wasn’t hot enough.

I don’t even know that I got through five minutes after she came on screen. It was so bad, I couldn’t even fast-forward to the hottie parts. Instead, I gave up completely and banished the movie from my DVR.

Which was really depressing.  Because did I mention she was hot?

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  1. My GF and I watch Castle religiously. We started dating just before the first episode aired and it was a LDR. That was our “date night.” We’d chat online and watch Castle. “Kate” is extremely hot… sorry to hear her movie disappointed. I’ve not seen it.

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