7 Things: Favorite Songs by Favorite Performers #7 – The Judds

The Judds (for Sunday, November 4th)

This may be the first music I truly loved. Which may have been linked more with happy childhood memories than anything. My dad loves The Judds, and they were the first performers I saw in concert. I was six.

We were kind of a concert-going family. I thought that’s how things were for everybody. When I was in high school, I ended up taking my two closest friends to their first concerts, and realized I had been truly blessed to be raised by two parents who loved music.

My mom was the lead singer of a band in high school.

And my dad is the most passionate tone-deaf singer I’ve ever heard.

I won’t say these are my favorite Judds songs, because favorites seem to fluctuate with life events, no? These are definitely seven of my favorites, though.

7 – Born to Be Blue

Bluesy piano intro. Rockin’ country beat. And it’s fun as hell to sing.

6 – Mr. Pain

It’s a sad little number. Sung just right.

5 – Love Can Build a Bridge

One of the best of the “one humanity” songs. And such a strong bridge. This song is so much better live, it’s almost frustrating. Wynonna is one of those voices producers have consistently failed to truly capture in the studio.

4 – Endless Sleep

Groovy 60s pop feel. Evocative lyrics. Nice lyrical drawls.

3 – Rockin’ With the Rhythm of the Rain & Turn It Loose

Some songs are simply fun to listen to. These are two of them. They’ve both got totally boppable beats and some slick musical changes. And they are SOOO country.

Starting here, these are undeniably my favorite Judds songs. These top-two songs sit above and beyond everything else in their repertoire for me (Wynonna-solo songs excluded)

2 – River of Time

I adore this song. Simple, but highly effective. Painful past, hopeful future lyrics. And a big Wynonna note toward the end.

1 – Dream Chaser

One of my personal theme songs. With a lyric that any aspiring artist understands all too well –

With dreams as big as the trees were tall

I knew I’d have nothing or I’d have it all

You all know what happens when the bright lights call

You’re either gonna make it or you’re gonna fall

Make it or you’re gonna fall

I wanted to embed the video, but it ain’t workin’, so you can see Wynonna sing Dream Chaser here if you so desire –> Hi, I’m YouTube.


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