7 Things: Random Travel Posts #6 – Old Places


Despite all the things that suck about regularly moving – and there are many – there are also some interesting perks of having lived in or regularly visited multiple locations across the country. Like knowing shortcuts to get around busy areas. Or where to get good coffee. Or good bread. What music venues to visit. What music venues not to visit. These advantages are obvious, yet they don’t really manifest in a big way until your are thrown back into a place.

This trip takes us through a couple of places where we’ve lived, and a few that we’ve repeatedly visited. This first travel day, we actually swung wide through a Philly suburb just to go to our old Whole Foods from when we lived near Allentown. Because, having been all about and having tried barbecue in all the famous places, for some reason far beyond comprehension, the Plymouth Meeting Whole Foods still makes the most memorable brisket. Which they didn’t have on the hot bar this day. So we had to make due. After making a run (quickly, to avoid the lethargy that comes from inhaling particleboard fumes) through our old IKEA to do some preliminary furniture-looking for purchases we shall make on our way back home. When we will once again stop into the Whole Foods on our hunt for brisket.

Because hope springs eternal, don’t it?

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