7 Things: Random Travel Posts #7 – Packing

I’m going to be traveling this week, so this week’s 7 Things will focus on those travels. Starting with today, which was packing day.

Packing for a trip, for me, is one of the most tedious tasks on the planet. It takes me at least two hours to pack for any trip that I go on. I never know what I want to wear days in advance, I have to try things on even if I regularly wear them, and for some reason, whenever it comes time to pack, I like absolutely none of my clothes.

Of course, traveling for me is a stressful thing. Even though I love it. No matter how excited I am, the day before I leave is just a mess of nerves. Because I KNOW that I’m going to forget things and I worry about everything. I also know that, despite the relief of not having to cook, I will get tired of eating out after about a day and a half and I’ll still have days upon days left of throwing together meals.

Anyway, we’re off tomorrow morning. Possibly to see the wizard. But probably not.

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