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I very much enjoy watching Once Upon a Time, despite its flaws. After the pilot, it took a while to get chugging, but once it did, it became a lot of fun. I’m not going to lie and say it’s not mainly about Emma and Regina, because it is, but it does have other things going for it. The writing is decent and relatively consistent, and the sets and costuming are pretty sweet, even if the early effects were a little first-two-Harry-Potter-movies-Quidditch-CGI.

If I take any major issue with Once Upon a Time, it’s that the creators rely so heavily on Disney’s interpretations of the fairy tales. I get that the show is on Disney-owned ABC, but the forced-hand becomes obvious to the point of distraction when they put the character of Belle in the famous blue Belle dress from Beauty and the Beast.

It also bothers me a great deal that, in an interview, the Once Upon a Time creators said that they were glad that Disney let them use the fairy tale characters. I’m sure that was a PR line, but it reinforces the misconception many people have that Disney owns these characters, which, of course, they don’t.

I fear this will only get worse this coming season, since recent casting news indicates an even more Disney slant, but hopefully solid writing can pull it out in the end. Only time will tell.

Regardless of all of this though, I do enjoy watching the show. I do think it’s an interesting story well-told, and I can’t wait to see where they go next. Because they are going to have to go somewhere completely new.

That total upheaval is why I make this declaration that Once Upon a Time had the best finale of the season. Mainly, because it was so damn unexpected. Not that it was coming, because they kind of spoiled the hell out of the ending in the preview, but that it happened as it did. In fact, as soon as Emma laid into Regina and they had their initial conversation, Shawna looked over at me and was like, “They’re starting with this?”

Talk about a true freakin’ arc-ender, complete with an unreal season two foreshadower. Flaws that the show had during its first season were wiped clean – not because the whole episode was so unbelievably brilliant – but because the episode was so undeniably exciting.

Of course, the fact that Emma and Regina spent almost the entire episode together was at the top of my love list. Especially when Regina said, “Well, then let’s get on with it” – it’s like she read my mind – and when Emma realized Regina was tied up and said her name in a way that sounded absolutely nothing like they were enemies. Or before that when Emma called Regina “Your Majesty,” and I was one-hundred percent convinced that the show’s writers were tipping their hats to the fanfic community.

Also, the line “Well, it’s storming like a bitch” will go down in history as one of my absolute favorite responses to anything. And the fight/confession between Regina and Emma at the beginning was one of the best acted scenes of the season. Along with pretty much anything Robert Carlyle does on there.

All that said, here’s what I would have done differently…

Come on now, don’t tell me you didn’t see that coming.



First off, when the curse broke and everyone remembered who Regina was, I cannot believe that they just let her walk out of there. An evil queen who destroyed all their lives, now without her powers and outnumbered? Someone is at least coming away with a nosebleed.

Second, Mary Margaret was royally pissed at David for good reason. I don’t care if he wasn’t quite himself. Snow White shouldn’t have forgiven Charming that easily.

Third, Emma really should have been reunited with her parents in those last moments, because that was the big cry. Sure, Emma kissing Henry awake was touching, but it wasn’t THE moment that could have been. Plus, that entire scene was just a little bizarre because of the commercial break. Emma runs into the room while Regina stands outside of it (unlikely) and we go to commercial. Then, we return to the scene and Regina is in the room and Emma does this weird choreographed walk to Henry’s bed. I don’t know. It was awkward.

The thing is, seeing as the way the season ended – with magic coming to the land – they could have easily fixed all of this and kept almost the exact same finale.

When the curse broke, everyone could have turned on Regina. With intent. As they would. Then, she would have had to run. Which she could have done while still delivering her line to Henry – “No matter what you think, no matter what anyone tells you, I do love you” – on the way. As hospital patrons made chase, brandishing fists of fury in lieu of pitchforks.

Then, Snow White and Charming could have still met on the street. And Charming could have still called “Snow!” And Snow White could have been like “I’m going to find Emma.” And she could have went off in her pursuit. And Charming would have followed her.

Then, Snow and Charming could find Emma with Henry at the hospital. And instead of Snow and Charming kissing as if nothing trust-breaking or painful had happened between them in this world, Snow could have embraced Emma and Charming could have embraced them both. And then Henry could have gotten in on it. And the entire family would have been reunited. And my heart would have grown three sizes.

Last but not least, Gold could have still brought magic back to the land. And as Regina was being chased by the townfolk, the magic cloud could have rolled over them all and Regina could have turned on them with her powers back. And they could have fled. And Regina could have still given that same wicked smile.

The End

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