7 Things: And Seven Movies Even a Hottie Couldn’t Save – #4


Once upon a time, I thought Mariska Hargitay was really hot. Once upon a time, I thought Mariska had the potential to be a really good actress. I even saw her on stage once, and she was good, and on the L&O set… along with Stephanie March. Just in case anyone wants to squee.

However, and I know this isn’t a real popular opinion, I think Mariska both lost her hotness and stalled out in her career. In fact, after her first two seasons of SVU, in which she honestly acted very well, she has basically stopped acting. To me, she has become one of those actors for whom fame has superseded the craft. She loves being herself so much, it seems, she fails to capture the essence of someone else.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for loving yourself if you can swing it. I just don’t think you can love yourself that much and be a good actor. See Tom Cruise. Though, I do have to give Tom props for Tropic Thunder.

I would be happy to read another opinion on this subject.

Anyway, the point is I watched this movie on purpose, because Mariska is in it. If you like Mariska and haven’t seen it, don’t bother. She’s in it for like three seconds and the rest was a disaster.

Or so I’m told. And so says the rating on IMDB. I don’t know with any certainty. I don’t even remember sitting through the movie.

In summation, don’t watch Perfume, and, when it comes to Mariska, our relationship is very Casablanca.

We will always have the first season of SVU, before they destroyed her hair and she turned into a celebrity.


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  1. Mariska is my favorite actress. Beautiful, talented and a great character. The people truly loves her and that’s what matters.

    1. Um…

      I have learned a valuable lesson. Don’t be funny when there’s a language barrier.

      Someone help me out here. Does this read as hate in English?

      Also, as far as definitions go, I’m both gay AND lesbian! Isn’t that fun?

  2. Your blog is so good that only one person was interested in his subject. This only happens when you write nonsense . E to respond to your ridiculous comment looks just the cartel Mariska:

    an Emmy as best actress
    a Golden Globe as best actress
    Followed seven Emmy nominations as best actress
    3 GG nominations as best actress
    6 SAG nominations as best actress
    Imagine if it was a good actress Mariska.

    Riley is, you will die with his mouth full of ants.

    As I do not speak or write their language, do not know if your last answer is unseemly. But coming from you, anything is possible.

    1. 1 – I would implore you to stop using an online translator, but you’re giving me such laughs 🙂
      2 – You obviously know me very well. Coming from me, anything IS possible.
      3 – I would heed to caution and avoid accusing celebrities of being part of a cartel.
      4 – I believe that you are Kelly Miller pretending not to speak English.

  3. Poor Riley. How do you keep saying no nonsense arguments. The more you speak evil of Mariska, prettier and richer it becomes. Poor Riley . You will always be a spiteful.
    Do not even know who is Kelly Miller.

  4. Who is Kelly Miller?
    You should thank me because I answer their idiocies. Your blog sucks and nobody likes.
    I pity you. Must be an unhappy person.
    Recognize the value of people and be humble.

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