7 Things: Stuff I Want to Share

Catching up for last week, April 8-14. And then I’m only a beat behind. Or three beats. Or something like that.

So, here are some things I’ve discovered in the past couple of weeks that I think are cool (or bizarre or shocking) that I’d like to share.

7 – Naked Argentinian Dancing (Obviously NSFW)

Having grown up in puritan America, I am always amazed by how much more liberal other countries are with what they show on television. The first time I watched Fingersmith, I kept having to remind myself that it aired on network television. In this country, that’s premium HBO fare.

Because we’re Americans.

And sex terrifies us.

Especially non-hetero, recreational – i.e. not for the purposes of procreation – sex. Because what if our kids discover that George Michael is right – sex is natural, sex is fun – and then abandon their very safe virtual friendships for real interactions with real people that involve sneaking peeks inside each others’ panties? It’s a slippery slope, my friends. In fact, Tennessee legislators want kids to know that mere handholding is a gateway sexual act.

But don’t worry, Americans, this doesn’t mean our leaders are all idiots. And this isn’t why the rest of the world laughs at us.

Anyway, here’s what Argentina puts on network television. Because they recognize that sometimes boys and girls have wild monkey sex, and the idea of it doesn’t make them have to run and take a purifying squeegee to themselves.


6 – Laura Pausini and Hélène Ségara (Safe for Work; Share with All Colleagues)

Laura Pausini is back on tour. A few years ago, she recorded a sexified duet with Hélène Ségara. Hélène Ségara showed up at a recent show to perform their duet live. They sound so good together. And they like to make eyes at and touch each other. Hooray. Plus, I just like these two performers and this song.

Also, Laura commonly takes a power stance while belting. But watch for the full-fledged power leg lift.


5 – Boo (Too Cute for Work)

Did you know that there is a world’s cutest dog? I did not. But apparently this tiny puppy Boo claims to be the world’s cutest. It’s kind of like people claiming to be Anastasia. Difficult to verify. Likely untrue. But it’s a title worth having for the perks. I do acknowledge, though, that this puppy may not be totally full of puppy crap. Because he is, in fact, pretty damn cute.

Boo’s Gonna Make You Love Him – Go to his Facebook.

4 – TIPP Experience (NSFW)

The roughly twenty-million views indicate that this is not a new discovery. But it was new to me. And I have never seen anything quite like this before. Very impressive. If I could code like this, I suspect I would have a villa on the Spanish Coast. I’m sending you over to YouTube to check it out. If you haven’t seen it before, do what it says. It works.

Take Me to the Experience

3 – Matthew Gray Gubler as Ariel… the Turtle (Not Safe for Sanity)

I appreciate that Matthew Gray Gubler isn’t afraid to unleash his eccentricism on an unsuspecting world. I appreciate that he likes karaoke, The Little Mermaid and turtle costumes. I can’t believe he put this on the Internet.

If you click through to YouTube, there is also a video of MGG hypnotizing a chicken in the suggested videos.

2 – How’s That Toffee Sound? (May Blow Your Mind)

So, some researchers in Oxford’s Psychology Department have been testing how our senses interact with each other. Mainly in terms of food and taste. And they came out with some super-coolish findings.

Dig them here —> I Like My Toffee High-Pitched

1 – Caine’s Arcade (Could Make Your Heart Grow Three Sizes; Not Safe Without Tissues)

I’m sure many of you have seen this by now. But it’s worth a share. The kid clearly possesses extraordinary gifts of creativity and determination. But, to me, the father is the true hero in this story. Because a father who encourages his kid to turn his shop into a cardboard arcade, instead of telling him to get out of the way or scolding him for using up supplies, is a father who turns out a kid with a lot to offer.

Go to Caine’s Arcade

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