7 Things: Cute Aminals (Intentional Misspelling to Add to the Cuteness)

You would think that, after getting two weeks behind, one might simply wipe the slate clean, call those two weeks without ‘7 Things’ a “vacation” and get on with it. You would think. But leaving it like that would feel incomplete, and I just can’t do it. Even if it means filling the void with cheesy-ass posts designed solely to make people go into cute-overdrive.

So, here’s the first of those posts – for the week of August 5-11 – filled with seven ridiculously adorable animal-type creatures –

7 – Baby Anteater Tries to Make Walking Happen

6 – Mini Pig Hamlet Faces His Stair-Phobia on Quest for Oatmeal

Be there at 1:06 for the big finale.

5 – Baby Gorilla has Been Poking Holes in My Cynicism for Nearly Two Weeks.

4 – Baby Elephant Makes His Presence Known

The real magic starts at 0:35.

3 – Otter Love! Otter Love! Otter Love!

The lovefest commences at 0:51.

2 – Death by Baby Sloth Yawn

1 – Buttermilk the Goat, Crazy, Cruel and Totally Awesome

The action starts at 0:03, but Buttermilk’s jerkiest moment comes at 0:55.

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