7 Things: Cute Human Babies

That’s right. I am going straight for the cuteness jugular. Animals and then bay-behs. It’s like plying a weak heart with fast food and ciggies.

So, here you go, catching up for August 12-18. May your heart grow three to six sizes and conceivably explode with butterflies from the cheerful adorableness of it all.

7 – Juliet Goes Hardcore

Okay, so this ain’t no baby. And everyone in the world seems to have already seen it. But it still makes me giggle.

6 – Easily Amused Baby and Ripping Paper

And this one has been seen by everyone in the world twice.

5 – Baby Uses Head as Body Pillow


4 – Despite Poor Video Quality, This Baby Rocks On

3 – And This One Proves That Dancing is In the Blood

2 – This Bundle of Cuteness Tries Not to Sleep

1 – And Huggies Brings it – Chuckle, Chuckle, Chuckle – All the Way Home

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