7 Things: My Favorite Video Games – #6

Super Mario Bros 3

*I’m not really what one might call a gamer, but, as far as gaming goes, I keep it old-school. I prefer my games without graphic violence and my controllers simple. That means Super Nintendo and Wii all the way.*

I know there have been many advances, and numerous Mario games since, but I am firm in my opinion that Super Mario Bros 3 is the pinnacle of Mario awesomeness.

In a single game, Nintendo introduced the raccoon suit, the frog suit, the hammer suit and the Tanooki suit. Plus P-Wings. Not only does Mario look ridiculously cute in his little costumes, but they provide totally sweet powers.

The worlds in Mario 3 are also super cool. World 5’s Sky Land and World 4’s Giant Land are my personal faves.

Did you know that, once you pass the first Land, you can go back to it? If you beat the castle again and again, you can stock up on P-Wings and fly through the remainder of the boards.

If you’re gonna cheat, cheat smart.


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