7 Things: Finales #6 – White Collar

Since White Collar‘s debut, the show has been pretty much on top of its shit. It has a top-notch plot, likable leads, and some of the best supporting characters on TV. By season two, when the creators realized they should upgrade a few more of their sideline characters to more central roles, they ended up with one of the most solid hours on television. It was this past season, though, that White Collar upped its game and delivered two of the season’s finest finales. (It’s a split-season show – half summer, half winter – so it sort of gets two.)

First, there was the mid-season finale, in which almost-lovers… master and ward… friends and quasi-colleagues Peter and Neal end up at serious odds. Then, there is the inevitable (because they have so much man-love for each other) make up in the second half of the season, which is surprisingly intense, leading to the excellent end of season finale in which Neal has no choice but to leave soulmate and possessor-of-his-heart Peter New York and all the people he loves. Except for Mozzie, of course, who is all like, “I was your man before Peter, and I’ll be your man now… but I will miss Elizabeth, because she’s so totally my girl.”

Anyway, the point is, the writers of White Collar really outdid themselves this season. The cons were especially brilliant, the close calls were millimeters, and the trajectory from the season premiere to the season finale was tight. Suffice it to say, I am excited for the July 10th return, just one day after The Closer returns for its final six episodes.

And with that, I weep.

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