7 Things: Zoos – #5

Kansas City

I have been to the Kansas City Zoo on several occasions. When we were living there, we had an annual  pass and went a few times just for a lovely, scenic walk.

The first time we ever went to the Kansas City Zoo was before we lived there. It was toward the end of summer, roughly late August, and it was super nice. They have some really cool exhibits in the back. The open expanse of their Africa area is really very cool, sorta wetlands-like and savanna-like at the same time, it’s got a great bridge crossover feature that spans water and railroad tracks (which does bring the occasional train through), and, in its entirety, it’s quite a good hike for a day. It has some weak features too, but we won’t worry too much on those.

Unfortunately, while we had our pass, Africa was closed off, because they were building a sky-ride that goes directly over the open-air animal enclosures. Which, you know, is kind of a terrible idea. I assume they just expect people to be respectful and not drop stuff in. We’ll see how that works out for them.

So, the point is the zoo wasn’t as much of an adventure while we were there. There was a lot of hullabaloo over the polar bear that was new to the zoo, but he just swam the same circular lap over and over, and I’m pretty sure he was actually a highly lifelike hologram.

They also do a pretty fun seal training show.

Staple zoo peacock.

Rock hyrax is my latest fave manimal.

I love a good lonely train track shot.


Canoodling hippos.

Chillaxin' meerkat. We called him Lester. Real name unknown.

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