7 Things: Random Travel Posts #3 – Local Spots

When I was in high school, my dad and I took a lot of vacations, just the two of us. He loved going to local places, much to my youthful dismay. Now that I’m an adult (age-wise, at least) responsible for my own travel, I find that his example has become part of my travel routine.

On this trip, we had some good local coffee – Saratoga Coffee Traders – and some not so good local coffee – Mocha Joe’s, Professor Java’s Coffee Sanctuary (which hurt, because the name implies undiluted awesomeness). We had some good local food – Country Corner Cafe (we stopped back through Saratoga Springs intentionally), Charles’ Country Pan Fried Chicken – and some less-memorable local eats.

We also found our new have-to-go-to restaurant in New York – since all of our others have gone crappy. It’s called Nanoosh and it is delightful. I can’t recommend it strongly enough, assuming you can stand New York communal-seating and conversations about how much money people make, how put-upon their children are, and their experiences in “the industry” coming at you from both sides.

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