7 Things: Zoos – #2


Yep, even in Hawaii, we stopped in at the zoo. What can I say? It’s right there at the far end of Waikiki Beach.

Anyhows, the Honolulu Zoo is small, ala Santa Barbara, though not quite as small as Santa Barbara, and the coolest thing about it is how it’s right there in the midst of everything, yet still somehow manages to have a very zoo-like quality about it. All of the native flora growing in the zoo is super sweet, and the animal exhibits are some of the best that I’ve seen for getting you up close and personal.

You’re in the shadow of Diamond Head, the beach is right outside, and the animals seem quite contant. Perhaps a little irritated by the common influx of staring tourists like us, but content nonetheless.

There is nothing truly remarkable about the Honolulu Zoo. No truly standout exhibits or anything. But it was Hawaii, so everything looked a little more alive and vibrant. As far as beauty goes, it really can’t be topped.

Sign showing distance to other zoos.

That face says 'irritation.'

These turtles were planning to break out.

I told this elephant a joke. That's why he's smiling.

The city right next door.

Prowlin' monkey.

These trees are the coolest ever.

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