7 Things: Zoos – #1

Columbus Zoo

I know that I’ve given the Columbus Zoo a fair number of mentions, but that’s because the Columbus Zoo is worth mentioning. I’ve been preaching its excellence for quite some time, and I shall continue to preach it until it turns to rubble.

Or until I kick it.

Considering that the zoo has been in operation since the 20s, I’m going to assume I’ll kick it first.

And it’s not just because I have past ties to the zoo. In fact, like many things from my childhood, it wasn’t until I returned to the zoo as an adult that I could truly appreciate how lucky I was to have grown up going there.

The monkey habitat, and the boat ride around it, are standouts, the exhibits regarding extinction and endangered species are phenomenal, and the aquarium surpasses any that I’ve seen at a zoo. Every animal has a good habitat, but the walkabout with the kangaroos is pretty special and the otters really get a performance space.

These goats were going at each other. It was bitchin'.

Part of the monkey exhibit.

The nephews monkeying around, circa 2007.

A cool musical light show at Christmas. Plus, Santa feeds the fish!

Hangin' out.

The home of the spoiled otters.

This is one of my favorite photos ever.

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