7 Things: Favorite Songs by Favorite Performers #5 – Cher & Trisha Yearwood

I couldn’t decide who to include, so it’s a two-fer.

Cher to me is kind of like Madonna, under-respected (well-deserved Academy Award aside) for the amount that she has contributed to popular culture.

Trisha Yearwood was once Shawna’s favorite singer, and, prior to making some interesting life decisions, she did put out a pretty stellar body of work.

And here are some of my favoritest songs –


7 – Believe

The year is 1998. The song is totally addictive. It’s a dance song, yes, and a little over-synthesized, but did I mention it was addictive?

6 – A Different Kind of Love Song

Another late-career entry. Another dance number. Awesome in its humanity and transcendence.

5 – Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

Now, we’re getting into the Cher I love. Totally camp.

4 – Love and Understanding

Love the What the World Needs Now theme. In fact, one might say this song is a full-on rip-off of that song. But it’s different enough stylistically to get away with it.

3 – Just Like Jesse James

Cher hates this song. She says it just about every time she sings it live. She doesn’t like the country feel, apparently.

I love this song. I think it’s sexy as hell. And equally fun to sing.

2 – Heart of Stone

Lyrically, this may be one of my favorite songs of all time. It could be any other heartbreak song, but it is loaded with poetic imagery that goes far beyond the standard romantic breakup. It’s got an underlying ache that encompasses the entirety of the human condition.

1 – Dark Lady

I love a good story song. And this is a good story song. Totally camp, like Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves. The chorus is killer,  and the clapping wickedly fun.



So, I knew this, but, looking at the list, I realize it even more. When it comes to Trisha, I love me some pain, because I get choked up every time I listen to the majority of the songs on the list. But, then, I guess that’s why I love her catalog. There are a lot of emotional gems.

 7 – Harmless Heart

This song hits home with me more than I’d like for it to. From the subject side. It’s every bit the person I’m afraid to be, but know that I kind of am. Anyone who has a hard time trusting and connecting with others, be warned, this one will get you.

6 – On a Bus to St. Cloud

This song is lyrically beautiful to me. It feels haunting and lonely and lost in time. And the line “I wept in the arms of Jesus for the choice you made” is chill-inducing in its desperation for love. The bigness of the bridge is also something worthy of note.

5 – Don’t Paint Myself Into Corners

This song was written by Rebecca Lynn Howard. I think it’s even better than Rebecca Lynn Howard’s other amazing song (which she released herself) Forgive. A bad relationship is the backdrop, but self-realization is the true theme. And it’s brilliantly executed.

4 – You’re Where I Belong

Written for Stuart Little. One of the few perfectly happy love songs that can reduce me right the hell to tears. It’s almost too beautiful.

3 – Lying to the Moon

Another lyrically-beautiful song, this is one best songs of longing I’ve ever had the pleasure/pain of hearing. The first verse sets it up and the second verse crushes. It’s nearly perfect.

2 – Little Hercules

Broken dreams and unmet expectations. The way we let ourselves get carried away by things that we’re told should be important, while those things that are truly important fall by the wayside. This song is like a gentle reminder to be human.

1 – Nearest Distant Shore

This song is excruciating in its honesty. And the metaphor is the song. Which is kind of cool. But it can be a painful listen.





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