7 Things: (Male!) Celebrities I Think are Sexy – #4

Matthew Gray Gubler

He’s pretty, certainly, but sometimes I wonder if the person who discovered Matthew Gray Gubler and made him a fashion model peeks in on his present career and wonders how such a nerd existed in the midst of the modeling world without the entire thing crumbling into chaos.

Really, how many nerdy ex-models exist? I mean, I’m sure, secretly, there are plenty, but I’m talking openly nerdy ex-models. Ex-models who embrace their geekhood with pride.

He’s quirky. He’s self-deprecating. He’s open with his love of the Golden Girls, creates random sketches and actually injured himself badly enough in a dance off to require multiple knee surgeries. That is some serious dedication to dance victory.

He also hangs out with Paget Brewster and isn’t afraid to wear Princess Leia hair.

Of course, I know Matthew Gray Gubler mostly through Criminal Minds and his portrayal of Reid, and, to be fair, I may just be in love with Reid.

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