7 Things: (Male!) Celebrities I Think Are Sexy – #3

Adam Lambert


He uses those traits that make him unique to achieve his success, he’s got real talent, and he terrifies conservatives. These are all good things.

Personally, I think Adam Lambert has one of the most amazing singing voices I have ever heard, and his courage to ‘go there’ every time he performs is impressive. I’ve been to way too many concerts where the singer on stage fears the same high notes and wailing that made them famous, and chumps out at a lower octave.

Live performances, Adam Lambert is all like “Waaaaaahhhhhh,” and then everybody’s hair blows straight up into the air.

Little known fact, that’s how Glambert gets his hair to stay all high when he wears it like that. You would think it’s product, but no. His vocals do the work.

He is an exceptional live performer, he has a Broadway history, and, rumor has it, is looking to get back to Broadway. This is also a good thing.

I do subtract a few points for his drunken arrest in Finland. Even if it was all a big mistake, drunk enough to be stupid just isn’t sexy.

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