7 Things: My Favorite Video Games – #3


*I’m not really what one might call a gamer, but, as far as gaming goes, I keep it old-school. I prefer my games without graphic violence and my controllers simple. That means Super Nintendo and Wii all the way.*

It’s like a video puzzle or video blocks. And I dig both puzzles and blocks, so I never had a chance.

Then, there’s the music. It starts out sounding so awesome and then it just keeps playing. Again and again and again. And it’s either so repetitive or so seductive that it sticks in your head for days.

Each time you pass a board, the speed of the movement and the music increase until your brain launches into hyper-drive and you turn into a puzzle-solving machine. Until the Tetriminos get close to the top of the playing area, and your heart starts beating wildly and you think you’re about to die a Tetrisy death and realize that you’re way too human to put yourself through all of that of undue stress.

For me, Tetris goes on the list of games I can only play occasionally. When I play it too much, every time I close my eyes to go to sleep at night, all I can see are Tetriminos falling through the darkness.

It’s a wicked game to play consciously. Not so much subconsciously.

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