More Than One Moral Dilemma

Moral Dilemma 1: Eyelash Wishing

The other day I found an eyelash. But it was on Shawna’s cheek. So, I told her that she had a wish. Then, she told me that I had a wish because I found it. And I said that it was her wish, because it was her eyelash.

Does anyone know the rules on eyelash wishing? Is this why my eyelash wishes never come true?

PS – Shawna said that Canadians are too polite to tell me how jealous they really are about my date with Wendy Crewson. I say this is a stereotype, and Canadians can be just as vile as the rest of us. Don’t you worry, I got your backs.

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  1. Nah – talking to people at the gym while they are working out is crap gym ettique (kinda like my spelling). People like that piss me off. You’re right to be rude to her.

  2. Us Canucks are not always entirely polite…really. 🙂
    But in terms of wanting to talk while I’m trying to do leg presses or what not, not so much. And especially if I’m reading a book. The best line I’ve heard wrt this – “I don’t come to the gym to talk”

  3. Dilemma 1

    Its her wish not yours. Sorry.

    Dilemma 2

    How old was the lady?
    For me, I cant help but feel bad so Ill have conversations with them. In fact, once I talked to someone OUTSIDE the gym for over an hr. By the time I went inside they were closing in 15.. so I ended up running my ass for those 15.. needless to say, I hated that workout.

  4. This Canadian is very happy for you and Wendy. I’m often rude to my neighbor when he decides to chat me up as I’m doing yard work and I’m sweaty and elbow deep in dirt. Of course he is usally drunk when he wants to socialize, so I doubt he remembers.

    Now how do I let Shawna know she is wrong without hurting her feelings?

  5. 1. The wish belongs to the former host of the eyelash

    2. Convo is ok if you’re both walking on a treadmill or something. Or between sets weightlifting, maybe. But running or actively lifting, no. The person trying to initiate conversation should realize that they’re being ridiculous.

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