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  1. Actually there can be no spoiling as she wasn’t on. 🙁

    I too expected the info on imbd to be accurate but according to her ep is set to air 04/28.

    And since rumors the show has already been cancelled have started to pop up, who knows if we will get our dose of Red. Stupid ABC.

  2. Hah, that name always reminds me of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind! I love that film.

    I remember that chick from TLW.

    I haven’t seen BOT yet, but I want too. I did see Portia promoting it on “Ellen” though. Such a cute interview.

    In regards to Cupid, I believe that ‘Live and Let Spy’ aired instead of ‘Shipping Out’ last night, so no redhead. They must have switched the episodes around for some reason, or maybe it was just marked wrong by imdb in the first place… I’ve noticed they have been off their game lately 😉 From what I can tell on ‘Shipping Out’ should be airing as Episode 6 now on the 5th of May…

  3. You might notice in IMDB that they mark both of the eps as ep2? No idea when the actual ep she’s in will air… 🙁

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