Intervention? No, Grazie.

So, we just booked our Toronto hotel for Friday night’s Laura concert and are seriously considering buying tickets for Connecticut on Sunday. Oh, Laura, you costly goddess of song.

Speaking of costly, we spent nearly twenty dollars in tolls on the way to and from Atlantic City. While I know that there will always be a ‘get out of Jersey’ fee, it seemed a little excessive. We also paid famine price for one of those little mini water bottles that holds exactly two sips. And it had fuckin’ Donald Trump on the label. As if the price of the water didn’t already make me gag.

Anyway, onto important things. Laura changed outfits for last night’s show. Her first two wardrobe changes were identical dresses in two different colors with leather leggings. It’s possible they were pleather, but, if so, I’m assuming it’s due to great cow love and not a lack of funds.

When she walked out on the stage, I was like, “Whoa, she looks like she walked straight out of the Jetsons.” It was definitely one of those Milan fashionista ‘let’s see what we can get away with’ numbers, complete with glittery boots that, considering the rest of the outfit, I could only assume were stardust-encrusted.

She did, however, wear one of the same outfits. When she first walked out in this particular dress in New York, the lights were down and you could kind of see through the sides of it, and I was like “Taffeta, really?” Then, the lights came up and Shawna leaned over to me and said “It’s Gliiinnndddaa.” Then we giggled hysterically.

When she walked out in Atlantic City, we were just like, “Look, the Glinda dress again.” And we giggled hysterically.

Not a great photo, but you’ll get the idea.

Apparently this dress was dipped into the same galaxy as the boots. Proof, yet again, that Laura can make anything look good.

So, during the show, she gave some guy in the audience a major scolding for being an obnoxious brat, which, come to think of it, she actually did in New York too. Ah, there are few things I love more than a hot woman reprimanding a guy who has it coming, especially when she clearly takes such pleasure in it.

Except, of course, for the Phillies being in the National League championship.

Is it because I love the Phillies so? No. It’s because, for the first time since we moved here, the Wegmans parking lot was almost completely empty. Now I’m rooting my little rotten heart out for the Phillies. I hope they make the Series. We’ll have the run of the area from here to Philly.

*two important items of note*

1 – I hate casinos with a passion that cannot be fully explained through words alone. Too much smoke and too many people who like wearing their pajamas out in public. Also, I can’t remember the last time I actually saw someone wearing a fur coat prior to last night. But it was like there was a convention.

2 – Caitlin Keats is supposed to be on The Forgotten tomorrow night. ABC, 10pm. Yes, that is on opposite The Good Wife with all of its subtexty goodness. That’s why God made DVRs.

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  1. I totally share your casino hate with the people hooked to slot machines with their plastic ombilical cords…anyway hate’em.

    But yay for The Good Wife! It’s delicious, we love it (I talk in ‘we’, now 😉 ) Cannot wait to find out who Donna is 😀

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