Good News… Really? They Still Make That Kind?

Rumor has it, Riley’s screenplay, Love Letters, is a quarterfinalist in the Screenwriting Expo Screenplay Competition. Twice. Once for the main competition and once for Suzanne’s prize, which is a special love story prize. Yes, I admit it, sometimes Riley writes romantic comedies.

But then, maybe that’s not so much of a shock.

Since Riley did not receive the official email in her own personal inbox, and has read the quarterfinalist list only on the CSExpo’s Twitter and a couple of random screenwriting blogs, she’s hoping this has not been some cruel mix-up.

As this is the first time this particular screenplay has been submitted to a contest, and since Riley has never actually made any of the cuts in screenplay contests before, she is slightly giddy. But since every time Riley gets her hopes up, the world comes at her with a piledriver (wrestling metaphor!), she is trying not to get too carried away.

Anyway, Shawna says I have to post my logline for the curious-minded amongst you. So here it is –

Two friends who have made an anti-love pact do everything in their power to hook each other up.

Ah, leave it to a logline to make something unique and fun sound utterly lame.
On the other hand, if I had my way, the tagline would be this kickass.

If love is a battlefield, it’s good to have allies.

Pat Benatar reference. And that’s what makes me wicked kew.

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