21 Weeks

I have some news I hope will be pleasing to some of you. My next book release will be my first foray into the mystery/thriller genre. It’s a police procedural series about a new Homicide detective and a veteran who must work together to track down a serial killer no one has been able to catch.

The series will be released in twenty-one parts, exclusively on Amazon (Kindle Unlimited). Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3 will be released the first week of August. Week 4 will follow two weeks later, with a release every week after that through the week of December 13th. The series itself follows the same timeline.  You can read Week 1 on Wattpad now. You must login with your Facebook account or create a Wattpad account. It’s free and unobtrusive, I promise.

Read 21 Weeks: Week 1

If you do read the first week, I would love your feedback and help with spreading the word.

Since these books differ in style from my previous releases (though, the style will probably feel familiar to those of you who enjoyed my past fics), I am releasing them under R.A. LaShea. You’ll find my new website for that name here —> Yup, right here.

If you enjoy 21 Weeks: Week 1, and would like to read the rest (or at least the next two weeks) of the series, you can get the first three books for free by signing up for either of my mailing lists.

Click the link below and scroll to join my Riley LaShea mailing list

Riley’s List

Or sign up here for the R.A. LaShea/21 Weeks mailing list

21 Weeks List

Every member of both lists will automatically receive the first three books in the series free upon their release the first week of August.

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  1. I can’t wait for the next of your novels because your writing style never dissatisfies me. I’m sure they are as good as the previous one’s you’ve written because you’re truly a creative and inventive author. I’m excited about reading 21 Weeks.

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