I’m Alive and Other News Out of Vegas

I have been meaning to update, and meaning to update, and meaning to update. Since our return to the country, it’s been a crazy time. I’m kind of aware of how I’ve gotten to a place where I am just so busy, and so brain-fried by day’s end, that I can’t even work in the occasional blog post, but I do hope to find my way to a more forgiving schedule over the weeks to come. With some travel and concerts on tap, I really have no choice.

We’ve been living in Vegas for a couple of months now, and we’ll be here at least for the next year-ish. Damn if it’s not reasonably okay. The Strip remains pretty much the antithesis of everything in the world that meshes with my person. But the mountains, the sunshine, the proximity to grocery stores and an organic restaurant with burgers and sweet potato fries? There’s a fair amount to like.

That’s pretty much where I’m at right now. Next up, book news.

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