La Zucca è Fragile

I admit to jealousy that this one does not belong to me.

A while ago, I was dishing up some oven veggies. I made them two days ago and the mix contained potatoes, celery, carrots, yellow squash and zucchini. Unsurprisingly, when I make such a vegetable mix in the oven, the potatoes and the carrots hold up considerably better upon multiple reheatings than the celery and squash do. So I said that we needed to eat the rest, because the squash was going to mush.

Shawna replied, “Well, the squash is fragile.”

Five word existential poetry on the spot. Impressive.

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  1. I’ve grown up with it and agree, it is so gosh darn sexy. It’s also funny when you hear an italian name, and it means something hilarious (eg. maruzza=slug, in one of the southern dialects).

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