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  1. Yay! An update and on my birthday, too. I can just imagine Lindsay’s pout. Love Jill’s sneakiness in getting to Claire first about Denise. That’s just so … lawyer-y (if that’s even a word). Thank you for this awesome update πŸ˜€


  2. I’m a massive lurker, but I friggin love this story (I love all your stories, & Immorata is fantastic). I’m working on my lurky-ness, as the awesomeness must be commented on. So i’ll hopefully comment occasionally.
    β€œAre you being evasive?” Claire returned at once. β€œDon’t be evasive.” Hee

  3. Update! *smurf dance* Since I’m home being a sicky – something to enjoy! And cute n tricky Jill…

  4. Giddy!Lindsay is so cute.

    And just like that, Lindsay watched the one weapon in her arsenal completely miss its intended target and return boomerang-like to smack her upside the head for being such a jackass. The fact that Jill knew that she was going to be a jackass about it and rushed to tell Claire that she was dating Denise, when it may have been something she wasn’t quite ready to share yet, worked instantaneously to make Lindsay feel like a jerk. – Ouch!

    Love the Claire and Lindsay interaction.

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