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  1. Try as I might, I canÒ€ℒt fault Denise, here. Redhead is irresistible.

    Have I mentioned how much I love this series?

    L πŸ™‚ V E !!!

  2. Squee! Oh, I love this. The great thing about your stories is that I’m not just reading – I can see them happen.

  3. Shoot! that was nasty!

    What a bloody bitch your Denise!! and to think I’ve writen them (Denise and Cindy) together! Jesus, yours gave me the creeps

  4. When Denise asked about the chocolates, I said ‘Ha!’ and since I was alone in the house, I said it aloud. Then I paused for a moment and grinned like a loon before continuing πŸ˜€

    In fact, I’m still smiling now.

  5. yea, so not liking Denise right now. but I’m lovin your writing. Haha this was a funny one, I’m surprised Lindsay was able to hold of decking her.

  6. You know, for a moment there, I thought your Lindsay was going to go all ninja-like on Denise’s ass and wrap those long fingers of hers around that infuriating woman’s tiny little neck. Especially after her comment about the brains being fucked out on those expensive, soft as hell, cotton sheets. I applaud your Lindsay for her level of control. πŸ™‚ But the violent side of me condemns her lack of putting Denise righ in her place. πŸ˜‰ But then again, she’d get fired.

    I can’t wait to see where all of this is going. Please tell me Denise on the hunt is going to be the figurative boot to Lindsay’s procrastinating ass.

  7. Okay, so I’ve read all your fic and never commented, mainly because I’m too lazy. Plus just typing WOW everyday just seems lame.

    But this I just couldn’t pass up. And yet all I can come up with is WOW (with an added) I did not see that coming.

    The talk with Heather was surprising, but this is just jaw-dropping unbelievable.

  8. *gigglesnort*

    This was so good to come across just before I go to sleep, now I’m gonna dream about a sexy redhead and Lindsay kicking Denise’s ass for even thinking about Cindy.

  9. I give Lindsay props – I thought for sure she was going to open a can of Whoop Ass on Denise. Loved this conversation and I agree with pprbkwrtr I sooo did not see this one coming! Looking forward to upcoming chapters of all your stories as well as your VS epi.

  10. I appreciate your story love, Nikky!

    I’m very glad it gives you good visual, Barb. What good would it be if you couldn’t “see” the hotness happening?

    Come on… can we not agree that Denise can be pretty creepy?

    Starry, the intent IS to make you smile.

    Moose, it’s okay to have a little Denise-dislike happening.

    Angie, you may be onto something.

    pprbkwrtr, once in a while I like to throw a wrench in just to see if everyone is paying attention

    Trina, those are some sweet dreams πŸ˜‰

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