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  1. mmmmmmh, a week of clubs and parties with possibly some alcohol involved -even though Linz is sadly on duty…-? and sharing a bed with Lindsay? this sounds SO great!

  2. that was a tease.. I mean don’t get me wrong I liked it very much and I also do realize it’s valentine’s day but that was a total tease. Border line blue balls..if I had any..and I’ve been meaning to ask you since you are a magnificent scribe if there’s a better phrase for that?? There has to be.. or maybe you can start by coining a phrase that’s more original then blue balls since I’m not very articulate and you notably are.

  3. Yes, there most definitely has to be a better phrase than blue balls. I mean, it has balls, obviously, ew, and then blue, which is, of course, the most terrifying color of all. Honestly, there just isn’t anything good about those two words together.

    It’s cliche, but ‘hot and bothered’ always serves its purpose. Or how about ‘boiling and agitated’, which is the exact same thing, dipped in a thesaurus.

    Libido in limbo?

    Translation: Anything. ANYTHING. is better than blue balls.

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