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  1. Wow! I’m so jealous. Dublin, London and NYC! I’d love to be just about anywhere but here right now. Especially New York!

    Have fun! I’m sure you will 😉

    “I thought the seat was shaking as I was eating it, then I realized that the sheer deliciousness of it all was just making my thighs quiver.”


    We drive on that side too. Though I don’t drive myself. Partly because I have a problem with being on the right side of the car, it just doesn’t feel “right” heh. Maybe I’m destined to live in the US 😉

  2. Preemptive “welcome to the East Coast” for when you get here. We’ve been having some intersting weather. I’m excited to share it with you.

  3. hmmmm…I’m totally pouting! Here I am stuck @ my desk in Ohio trying to work, when I realized I better check in on my little sisters. I am truly delighted that you guys are getting a much needed vacation, but how can I possibly be expected to work when you two are out galavanting in Ireland- on St. Patty’s Day……sniff, sniff

  4. wow…my cold medicine has really kicked my ass- guess that was last week, eh? Okay, I can get back to work now. Love Ya!

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