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  1. Good grief Charlie Brown!

    – Yes, A.C.A = adorable. 🙂

    -I own a couple of apts which I rent to college students and I hate to say it, but generally when I have to clean after a girl’s moved out, it’s way worse than when it’s a boy. I don’t get it. I’m a girl and I’m super clean.

    – That Motel 6 episode sounds like it came right out of a Cohen Brothers’ movie.

    I wanna say welcome to California. But it makes no sense, cause I’m not there. So whatever sentiment fits under the circumstances, consider it said! 🙂

  2. That is an adorable little puppy. If I were not in a different country, or didn’t already have five dogs of my own (my family’s own) I’d definitely have trouble saying no.

    *crosses fingers for little Al*

  3. Adorable puppy – unfortunately I am on the other side of the continent and in another country. Best of luck to all!

  4. Lovely puppy, wrong country (and the elderly dog with whom I currently cohabit would not want to share his humans). I hope it all works out, including the new apartment.

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