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  1. Your probably over watering it or its getting to much sunlight. Ivy’s are low light plants even a window sill can be enough light to burn them. As for the water green plants are like pumpkin pies stick a pencil it instead of a knife or fork if the pencil comes out clean water it before then don’t. Also make sure your using a good house plant fertilizer, and that it is in the right size container most plants are sold in pots that are too small.

  2. Your ivy might even be better off in artificial light – mine is quite happy in its unfortunate fluorescent environment.

  3. So, really I didn’t kill the plant then. Shawna is killing it. She loves to give it light. Personally, I’m not so much a fan of sunlight. I’m a vampire and it gives me headaches.

    And thanks for all of the advice. My thumbs are so not green.

    And, yes, I am murdering my muse.

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