A Tribute to Caitlin Keats

It was several years ago that I first fell into unrequited lust with Caitlin Keats. It was this Oil of Olay commercial that first carried her into the Realm of Riley™. Then came this Olay commercial and then this Olay commercial.

She’s paying the bills with commercial work, because the powers that be are clearly idiots and don’t realize that she should be cast in something far meatier. While I am a firm believer in talent over looks, and wish that more of our popular entertainment was cast accordingly, I know from her line delivery in those Olay commercials that she can act. And it’s a helluva lot harder to prove that you have chops in a thirty second spot than in a feature film with an acting coach and multiple takes. ‘Tis a shame she is wasting away in commercials. Sadly, I do not have the resources to fund my own films as of yet.

So these days Caitlin Keats is pimping the Audi Q5 and Progressive Insurance. I’m especially struck by this ad appearance. You will find her at the 9 second mark.


How can she be that sexy in 2 seconds?

Want to see Caitlin for a bit longer? Check out these movies and TV shows to see her in action:

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  1. Oh, I was right there with you. 2 seconds of a hot chick in a black leather jacket that you know rides a motorcycle *drool*

    I’m gonna go enjoy those Olay commercials now 😉

  2. Yeah she’s amazing in all those ads but it was her turn in Kill Bill 2 that had me searching the web “who IS that?”

    Not sure why she isn’t more famouser.

  3. Wow….I am speechless. I googled myself for the first time in forever and I stumble upon your site and your gracious comments.
    Thank you….and I have two movies coming out that I shot this summer- American Decaf, directed by Heidi Van Lier, and Somewhere, Directed by Sofia Coppola….and I’m sorry about Activia….

    1. Wow! I stumbled upon this. I knew your parents. You were just a little girl. Your mom and dad would come into my parents business (the feed store by the equestrian center-Ron and Carol). I loved them. Your mom was so kind and made my dad laugh. I saw the news about your dad, I had no idea. He always made me laugh too. Please tell your mom hello from the “feed store”, I do hope she is well. My parents are still around, just not in the horse biz anymore. Retired. Take care! Ellen

  4. I have a script that is just screaming out for Ms. Keats. Picture killer robots roaming the streets of San Francisco as Caitlin tries to get from point A to point B to be with her young family. She plays a nurse who has the delima of helping the injured or keep moving towards her family… Mostly dodging robot death rays along the way… Some flashbacks to her stent in Afghanistan… Scary, moving, poniant, and Caitlin saves her family of course!

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