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Busy. Busy. Busy. Lot of writing going on up in here. Which makes it hard to blog. More writing?, my mind thinks. You’ve written seven hours today. How about zoning out instead? Watch some Myka and HG. Look at pictures of puppies in baskets.

So much going on, though. Seriously. Our world is a whole lot of dumb. Not just right now, but it’s definitely had its share of hot topics over the past weeks. Since my writing juices are almost all being poured into serial killer novellas at the moment, but I’m too riled to say nothing, I will now rant on current topics in 100 words or less.

The Confederate Flag

You work in an office. There’s a poster. Most employees like it. It’s motivational. No harm.

A couple, though, are truly bothered. They’re siblings. Their parents died on Kilimanjaro, the mountain on the poster.

Most employees say, “Take it down. We don’t need it if it bothers anyone. It’s not important.”

Two love the poster. They landed their first contract after reading it. Not their fault the siblings take it wrong. They demand it stay.

Want to keep defending a flag that can never just be about history or pride? Go for it. Just know you’re the office assholes.

GOP Race

The fact that Donald Trump is leading the GOP polls says all anyone ever needs to know about people who vote Republican.

Police in the United States

First, see this link about Reykjavik police vs. U.S. police (preferably when Instagram is up) —> I’m the link!

Second, fire everyone and start over.

Except for this guy.

Appoint him Sheriff of the United States.


In Istanbul, we met a Kurd who railed about ISIS – “If this is what the religion is. I don’t want it.” What he did want was supplies to fight on their own turf.

The other day, after seeing an ISIS price list for sex with infants, an American woman said it was time to nuke them, regardless of collateral damage. Her reason? She wouldn’t want to live under them.

But some people do. Just as some found hope in concentration camps.

ISIS is powerful, but not more powerful than the world’s militaries combined. Why are they waiting to save people?

Out of Control Childrens

Portland diner owner tells a couple’s kid to be quiet when the parents let it scream and scream. Parents go online seeking sympathy. Other parents say “kids are kids.”

The problem isn’t kids being kids. It’s parents who don’t want to parent.

When someone has a negative reaction to your child or your pet, don’t assume they hate children or animals. It’s far more likely they just hate your children and animals.


Mass shootings. Public places. No reason. Welcome to America.

Experts think movie theaters need night-vision cameras and metal detectors. Bye bye naughty movie theater hijinks.

Guns are the weapons of cowards. How ludicrous that we all have to suffer so cowards can keep them.


Also, apparently Millennials believe whites are as discriminated against as every other group. So, while they have proven socially liberal, they are clearly not socially advanced.

And ignorance is not an opinion. There’s a reason Bill Gates doesn’t chime in when the toilets back up at Microsoft. Wise people know, when they know nothing about a subject, they should shut the fuck up.


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